Dedham, Massachusetts

Dedham is an attractive town built on the southwest border of Boston and is the county seat of Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Overall, Dedham is a peaceful and well-organized community ensuring that you will spend a safe and relaxing stay. As is the case with most towns in Massachusetts, it has a rich historical heritage that is being reflected nowadays via the many historical sites and buildings. To get a glimpse of Dedham’s past, we suggest you explore by feet the Historic Dedham Square and visit the Dedham Historical Society and the Fairbanks Historical House. Other, more modern, Dedham attractions include Cinema De Lux, Legacy Place, Dedham Community Theatre, and Fiddlehead Theatre. Regarding the budget accommodation options available in and nearby Dedham, there are more than 270 discount hotels to choose from, of which more than 90 low-cost hotels offer rooms for under a $100 per night with room prices starting from as low as $65.