Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! From Salzburg, Austria to Moscow, Russia and Paris, France to Helsinki, Finland, here are four European cities that are a winter wonderland during the holiday season. Take off, get a powder room!


Salzburg, Austria

The birthplace of Mozart is magical, with baroque architecture, music festivals, Christmas markets and blankets of snow across the city, a getaway to Salzburg delivers a charming slice of Europe in winter.


Moscow, Russia

With Christmas being observed in January with more fairs and markets than many other European cities, there is a lot of holiday spirit, albeit without Santa Claus.  Throw in Red Square, the Hermitage, Bolshoi Ballet and Moscow offers a lot to travelers in winter.


Paris, France

While snowy days are not that common in Paris, a crisp chill factor and romance is in the air in winter.  From the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysees to the incomparable Louvre museum and the banks of the Seine, Paris is a city for love. While spring time in Paris gets a lot of press, winter is perhaps even nicer with less crowds.


Helsinki, Finland

Their tourism board bills Helsinki as “The Christmas City” and they are not exaggerating.  With Christmas markets, carol recitals, hearty cuisine and loads of snow, there is plenty of holiday warmth and cheer in Helsinki. With a unique mixture of old world and modern, design and tech, Helsinki is a top destination for a winter vacation.

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