Hotel Room Safety Advice For Travelers

When was the last time you planned a trip somewhere and you got so caught up in the hotel search that you completely forgot to inquire about the actual safety of the place you were about to spend a few nights in? Or you never intended to perform such an inquiry in the first place? The truth is not a lot of people spend time worrying about the security of the hotel or guest house they are about to book. They are a lot more concerned about the money they are about to spend. But if you come to think of the fact that a poorly chosen hotel could leave you penniless in the middle of your long-dreamed of vacation, you might suddenly realize why you are doing it wrong in the first place.

Below you will find a few helpful ideas on how to remain safe and sound on your next vacation or trip.

What To Do Prior To Your Next Trip

  • start by copying your airline tickets, credit cards, and passports – remember to do it both front and back.

  • Take photos of your expensive jewelry, electronics, and the rest of the luggage you will be traveling with.

  • Leave some copies of your car/home keys to a trustworthy neighbor so that in the event that you will lose or misplace the original set during your travel, you can rely on different ones. You can easily follow this link leading to a top locksmith service that works at a national level. They also have a good emergency service available nonstop, so they can prove to be extremely handy in case you did lock yourself out of your home and you need help getting back in. The 24/7 Locksmith Finder team can not only pick almost any type of existing lock in the U.S., but they can also cut duplicate keys or re-key locks almost on the spot. They also charge some of the most affordable rates in the industry, so they are definitely worth checking out.

  • Have them recommend reliable portable locks for hotel doors so you can increase the safety of the room you will be staying. You can also buy small locks or padlocks for your bags so you can feel even safer while transitioning airport terminals and hotel lobbies.

  • Call the hotel and ask about the locks they have on the rooms/main entrances on the hotel. See if they have any security guards on the floors, or of they have alarms, panic buttons, and fire extinguishers working normally.

How To Pick The Best Hotel Room

  • choose a hotel that has modern electronic guest room locks on the doors. Most of these locks will automatically change the lock combos for each new guest arriving, so the chances of someone holding on to a duplicate key to the room you have booked are very slim.

  • In the event you will lose or misplace the key, yu will have to urgently call front desk and have them re-key the room.

  • See if there is any peephole on the door as well as a dead bolt lock installed.

  • Ensure you have a phone in the room that allows you to dial outside.

  • Keep windows and adjoining doors locked even when you are in the room during the day.