Look Behind Before Leaving: Home Security Tips When On Vacation

When was the last time you spent a glorious vacation somewhere nice, and didn't have to pay a truckload of money for it? In case you haven't indulged you with a vacation in a long time, you might have forgotten that hotel accommodation is the biggest chunk of a travel budget. You might be interested in Rocky Mountains hiking or swimming in the ocean; these all come for free of course, but getting there and spending the night in a safe hotel usually costs a lot. Lucky for you, we have set up a discount system for hotels all around the country. We are sure you are prone to discover the best offers for the destinations you are most interested in checking out in the near future. But before you lose yourself in the planning and anticipation process, we strongly advise you to keep your head on your shoulders and think of the things you will be leaving behind: your vulnerable home. home security authorizedlocksmiths.com

Don't Let Burglars Make Off With Your Electronics!

Wouldn't it be a genuine disaster to come back home after a miraculously fun vacation somewhere sunny and discover a bunch of thieves took off with your jewelry, smart TV, laptop, tablet, and stash of cash you had cleverly (or so you thought) hidden in the sock drawer? Chances are that right about now you are no longer feeling that feel-good vacation glee and your grin is quickly replaced by a gloomy feeling of discontent.

This is by far one of the most traumatic experiences you could be going through at the end of a remarkable vacation. It is also the main reason why you need to do everything in your power to prevent it. Check out these next few ideas on how to do things differently and significantly cut the chances of having your home be broken into while away.

  • Consider installing timers on all of your electrics. This way, your home will no longer be an open invitation to burglars who will notice there are no lights on for a straight week and kick the front door open at night. But do not overdo it! There is the reverse of the medal as well – flipping a light on and leaving it on the entire time is another clear indicator that no one is at home.

  • Opt for a good timer you can plug into an outlet and have it turn your lights and the rest of your TV or radio on and off at your desired times of day. The more noise and flickering you can create from a distance, the less likely your home is to be visited by burglars.

  • Add deadbolt locks to your current locks or have them re-keyed if they are worn-out or you simply do not trust they can get the job done while you are gone. Talk to a local locksmith that specializes in home security and set up a free assessment meeting prior to your vacation. Have them verify the state of all locks on your entryways, windows included. Add safety bars and small-keyed locks on your windows if you do not already have them – and you live at ground floor.

  • Opt for commercial grade-1 or grade-2 deadbolt locks, mortise locks, or even bluetooth triggered locks you can access from a remote location for en enhanced degree of security.

  • Put up signs indicating that your property is under the surveillance of cameras, even if it isn't, as they are excellent burglar deterrents.

  • Never leave any spare keys out, hidden beneath fake garden rocks, and double check if you've locked the garage.