The holiday travel season is fast approaching, and it’s likely there are a number of hotel rooms calling your name in the near future. Get the most out of your stay by taking advantage of these four little-known hotel perks.

1. Insider Tips from Your Bellman

Bellman are the eyes and ears of the hotel, with tons of insider knowledge about special deals, promotions, and other perks that can make a huge difference during your stay. Their knowledge of the city you’re visiting is nothing to sneeze at either, should you be looking for an activity or restaurant that’s off the beaten path. You’ll be surprised at how far a nice tip and a few friendly questions can take you.

2. Workout Kits

Some hotels now allow you to exercise in the privacy of your own hotel room, rather than a a gym (if there is one). While the contents of the kit may vary, many include staples such as a yoga mat, pilates bands, hand weights, and an ab ball. Some hotels will even place a treadmill in your room for a small fee! Call ahead to ask your hotel if this service is available, and to reserve your kit before you arrive.

3. Access To the Hospitality Suite

Some hotels keep a suite open for guests who are waiting to check in, or who have already checked out, to use upon request for short periods of time. This is a great option if you want to squeeze in a few more hours of site-seeing, swimming, or hiking. Leave your bags with the front desk while you traipse about town and then freshen up in the hospitality suite before heading to the airport. Be sure to ask if the suite is available before your last-minute activities, however. Getting all sandy at the beach may not be such a good idea if the hotel is filled to capacity and the hospitality suite shower isn’t available. Be aware that some hotels may have time limits for the suite’s use, and it’s always good manners to leave a tip for the cleaning service.

4. Free Toiletries

Many hotels offer much more than adorably tiny bottles of shampoo. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, sewing kits, and other personal hygiene products are often just a quick call away, and are usually complimentary. If you’re a frequent traveler, you may never have to buy you own toothbrush again!

Be sure to make the most of your stay with every trip you take! We’re always here to help you stay smart and sleep well!