Hotel concierges have been known to do some pretty incredible things, like babysit a white tiger or fill an entire bathtub with chocolate. While we don’t recommend repeating these requests yourself, we do recommend getting the most out of your hotel stay by speaking with a hotel concierge.

For the best results, look for the crossed keys of the Les Clefs d’Or. If your concierge is wearing them, then they are a member of the only international association of professional hotel concierges. This means you are dealing with only the best of the best in professional concierges, with the keys and the contacts to open doors for their guests, no matter where you stay.

Move beyond airport transportation arrangements and restaurant recommendations and try out your concierge with some of these remarkable requests:

Book Exclusive Reservations at Trendy Restaurants

Some concierges are contracted through third party services, so they’re not actually hotel employees. Instead, they and their agencies work directly with restaurants, nanny services, or event organizers to ensure that they have the best connections to whatever their guests may request. These connections are especially useful if you don’t speak the local language. Instead of getting blown off by a snobby maître d’, your hotel will likely be able to get you a better table, and sooner, than you could have reserved yourself.

Score Last-Minute Tickets to Shows or Events

While most mortals are forced to buy tickets from an official box office or sketchy scalpers, your hotel concierge can contact a ticket broker directly and perform incredible feats at the drop of the hat. The tickets will be pricey if you order them day-of, but calling ahead and securing your tickets beforehand could be your best bet at scoring those Broadway tickets you never thought you could. Keep in mind, however, that some things just won’t be possible – same-day Book of Mormon tickets, for example. But, if you’re willing to work with your concierge, they just might be able to suggest an excellent alternative.

Organize a Themed Scavenger Hunt

If organized tours aren’t your style, try a scavenger hunt! Whether you want to impress a history buff or delight a baseball aficionado, arranging a scavenger hunt for yourself or a favorite travel companion takes no more than a few minutes for savvy hotel concierges. Their intimate knowledge of your destination city’s landmarks, hidden gems, and cultural history likely outstrips just about anyone’s. Some concierges will even supply a Polaroid camera in addition to the list of clues, so you can take the memories with you.

Arrange an Elaborate Proposal

Whether your plans involve a hotel bed covered in rose petals or a late night ride to the top of the Empire State Building, your hotel concierge is your best bet for a co-conspirator! They have the time, knowledge, and resources to secure everything you need for your special day. Last minute flowers from five different florists? Check. A special connection for a private helicopter to take you to a secret destination? Check. Endless supply of candles? Check. Professional photographer? Check. All in two hours? Piece of cake.

Stay smart, sleep well, and be sure to tip accordingly!