As an expatriate living abroad for more than 30 years, home is still where my parents are: regardless of my age, where I was born or the homes I have known overseas. Earlier this month my Dad passed away, while I was en route, flying to see him for what I knew would be the last time.

I so much wanted to see one last time the thoughtful look when Daddy was listening intently, weighing up whatever I was burbling on about, his wink, the nod, the special smile he reserved only for me, the hand squeezes, his hugs, his advice, his encouragement, his humor, his intelligence, his common sense, his solutions, along with his checks and balances that I have relied on, regardless of age, all of my life.

The trip I just took, straight over the South Pacific, was swiftly put together by my friends at Savant Travel Group, who own this brand, Discount Hotels. I am grateful for their stellar expertise and help to get me out of LAX on a flight very fast, not to mention their unwavering support. Thank you.

However, I was already holding cheap air tickets to visit my family in October. I will travel back home, a scant few weeks after my recent visit and make it a journey, which is the very best sort of travel, free of charge actually, with any ticket purchased.

In my quest to save money when I purchased my October trip to Australia, I deliberately routed myself on a rather bizarre itinerary through Asia, both ways, in the back of the plane.

I am a great believer that getting anywhere is half the fun, I love the scent of jet fuel.

Straight over the Pacific to Australia from the US West Coast costs a great deal more than detouring through Asia. I opted for the latter some time ago, before I had to make my recent emergency trip.  I have always needed very little excuse to spend time in Asia, throw in some major cheap air deals and I bought the barmiest tickets from the US to Australia, via Asia.

Please do travel with me in October. I would like to share my journey, the detours I take, making the most out of circumstances and seeing how much I can experience along the way, traveling solo, without a lot of cash to splash.

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