Trunkster | From $325

Zipless travel has arrived. Check out Trunkster, the crowd-funded suitcase that is smart, sexy and available now for pre-order. With zipperless entry, onboard GPS, built-in digital scale and removable USB charging, Trunkster is going where no suitcase has gone before. Say goodbye to Tumi or Globetrotter, these are the absolute best thing to hit the suitcase market since wheels. Available in carry-on and full size, Trunkster lands summer 2016, with pre-order pricing at 40% less than launch retail.


Touchnote Postcards | App Free, Postcards $1.99

touchnote postcards tech travel

Old school, real postcards from your own travel images. Simply download the app available from the Apple and Android stores, upload from your mobile device the killer beach sunset you shot in the Med and Touchnote will print and send personalized postcards. We like it, a lot.

htc re camera tech travel

HTC RE Camera | $110

The RE is a stylish point and shoot that rotates in your hand, shoots photos and videos seamlessly, all without a viewfinder. With built-in wireless RE uploads to a device for easy editing and one-touch sharing. Waterproof without housing up to 1 meter and available in four snazzy colors, it’s fun and affordable, now about half of the launch price on Amazon.




swearport tech travelSwearport App | $1

Offend globally with a good accent with Swearport!  Now you can swear and cuss like a proverbial drunken sailor in over 70 languages! Choose a language, choose an insult or swear word, and Swearport plays it for you to master, complete with pronunciation, meaning, English equivalent, proper usage and intensity rating on a scale of one to five. Five being rather obnoxious. Whether you want to deliver an Albanian or Australian English bollocking, you’ll never be lost for words again. Not available at the Apple or Android stores, only from Swearport directly.