1. Johnstons of Elgin Scottish Pure Lambswool Travel Blanket, as little as $65!

Well, this is technically called a throw, but it is also an extraordinary, silky soft, lambswool travel blanket. Fold it up and snuggle up on a long haul flight, use it as a picnic blanket or simply have it handy in your hotel room for extra warmth. Some of us here at DiscountHotels do not leave home without one! Johnstons of Elgin is a Scottish family-owned mill, producing only the finest quality wool products in the Scottish Highlands since 1797. Yes, since 1797. No ‘Made In China’ going on here. The trick with these gorgeous travel blankets is to know where to purchase them and when to purchase. Our favorite resource is Sierra Trading Post (STP), who unfortunately have fluctuating prices akin to the stock exchange. Regular retail is close to $250 each from high-end retailers, but if one signs up for STP email coupons, we have seen prices recently as low as $61-$65. Prices vary, patterns vary. However, for the ridiculously modest outlay, this is one of our very top, all-time choices for affordable luxury on the road.

2. LePow Portable Wireless Speaker, $25.

It’s packaged in a reusable travel cup, it’s tiny, works also as a speaker phone, delivers good sound up to 30ft from any blue-tooth device, comes in three groovy colors and according to reviews we have seen, folks absolutely love it. We do too, especially the Funky Orange version. Amazon currently offer the LePow speaker for around $25, recommended retail is around $70. Slip it into your carry-on bag or into a purse, at 6.6 ounces, with 360 degree surround sound and about 7 hours of battery, it’s music to any traveler’s ears.
LePow Portable Wireless Speaker

3. Luxe City Guides, Priceless!

Snarky, sassy and rather sensational, we totally heart the range of city guides produced by Luxe. They are not for everyone though, as these guides will take you where most guide books do not dare to go. Opinionated? Heck, yes. Funny, yes. Useful, absolutely. Check them out for yourself, you will know with a quick flip through of one of these ultra-light, yet densely packed guides whether they speak your language. Perfect for savvy travelers who want the inside scoop on anything fabulous and fun in major global cities.
Luxe City guides

4. Hyperlapse By Instagram, Free.

Launched in 4Q 2014, when you put one of these on your phone, your travel footage will look like Spielberg shot it.
Admit it, we have all been there! There you are, in an faraway place trying to capture the essence of what you are experiencing, with amateur tools, only to be disappointed when reviewing the footage later. Not any more, fellow travelers, check out Hyperlapse. In a nutshell it allows you to capture and share moving time lapse videos. Show and tell is always best. Here is footage with and without Hyperlapse. Wired magazine raved that “it is like having a $15,000 video set-up in your hand”.
To say we love it too would be a serious understatement. And the price is unbeatable.


5. Pan Am Luggage Tags, $11.

Pan Am may not be flying high anymore, but the legacy lives on through their online store packed with Pan Am stuff that will bring a tear to travelers of a certain age/era. Marc Jacobs collaborated with Pan Am to produce a line of travel bags in 2008 that were affordable and fabulous. Currently Pan Am bag prices are sky high, but for an affordable piece of memorabilia, we love these luggage tags. Eleven bucks a pop and there will be no mistaking your bag in the lobby or at the airport.