Freeport, Maine

Freeport is a lovely town located in Cumberland County, Maine. It is well-known for its many great shopping outlets; no wonder why it was recently voted as the “Best Weekend of Shopping in New England.” Also, Freeport has a big historical value for the State of Maine since this is the place where the colonists were plotting their separation from Massachusetts while meeting in the Jameson Tavern (1820). That’s why Freeport is also known as the “Birthplace of Maine.” Except for shopping and history, there are many reasons why you should visit Freeport. Top Freeport attractions include Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park, Desert of Maine, Boat Tours, DeLorme Map – Home of Eartha (the biggest full-scale rotating atlas in the world), L.L. Bean, etc. Regarding budget accommodation, there are more than 30 and nearby Freeport that offer rooms for under $85 per night.